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Public engagement in Naples, Italy

4-12 May 2024
We'll be in Naples, Italy, with our colleagues in the TREC expedition and at SZN.

Science-to-policy summer school, San Sebastian, Spain

11-13 June, 2024
Summer school is back for 2024 with our partner AZTI, in collaboration with EU-funded projects GES4SEAS, OBAMA-NEXT, MARBEFES, MarineSABRES and ACT-NOW.

This year’s event will look at how to bridge the gap between marine science and policy, with a focus on how to communicate in a way that supports an informed society and decision making.

Past events

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Science-to-policy in Estonia

July 2023
We joined our partners in Tallinn, Estonia, to discuss eutrophication and promote science-to-policy dialogue about local marine challenges.

Science-to-policy in Ireland

September 2023
Navigating the ‘do no harm’ principle: bringing science to local policy in Galway, Ireland

A summer of outreach and engagement

Summer 2023
As a summer of activity comes to a close, Anne-Marie Alleaume reflects on the importance of sharing new research and knowledge with wider society.

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