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Full project title: marine biodiversity assessment and prediction across spatial, temporal and human scales

Building a holistic understanding of marine biodiversity, to support the sustainable management of our ocean.

Objective 1:
Fill the marine biodiversity knowledge gap

We will collect a unique set of samples, integrated with new and historic data, from along Europe’s coastlines. We will analyse samples to understand how taxonomic and functional marine biodiversity are structured and change across the dimensions of space, time and human impact.

Objective 2:
Build a theoretical and modelling marine biodiversity framework

We will unlock information about the drivers and mechanisms of biodiversity change and degradation, help to assess and predict marine ecosystem health, and provide quantitative tools for policies linked to marine protection.

Objective 3:
Explore the value of marine life and the services it provides, using new and existing tools and measurements

We will run workshops and ocean literacy engagement activities to help define new concepts and ideas, and influence policy recommendations, conservation strategies and new legal frameworks.

Our work packages

6x technical 

1x engagement and outreach 

1x coordination and project management

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Filling the marine biodiversity knowledge gap


Understanding biodiversity in critical marine habitats and their keystone species


Data to knowledge: building a digital foundation to explore marine biodiversity


Developing new theories for marine biodiversity, ecosystem function, and their relationships


Monitoring the impact of human activity on marine biodiversity and modelling future ocean health


Assessing the values and rights of marine ecosystems, for improved protective strategies


Outreach, engagement and use of results


Coordination and project management

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