Work package 8

Filling the marine biodiversity knowledge gap

Image credit: Karim Iliya / Kogia

Cohesive delivery

WP8 ensures the successful implementation of BIOcean5D by guiding each work package towards a common goal: to understand how marine biodiversity changes across the 5 dimensions of space, time and human impact. 

The WP8 team achieves this by offering technical, scientific, financial, and administrative management and assistance. 

This includes coordinating the delivery of tasks, deliverables and milestones, tracking and reporting progress towards objectives, and managing risk. WP8 also handles the knowledge generated through BIOcean5D – such as exchanging findings with related projects and coordinating the publication of results.  

Credit: Kinga Lubowiecka / EMBL

Overall, this WP seeks to:


the management and communications environment in which BIOcean5D is performed

Monitor and support

other work packages’ delivery on their objectives

Communicate and resolve

any issues that might arise, in a timely and effective manner

“It is a great privilege to have a consortium so inspired, and so knowledgeable across different disciplines. Our strength is in joining forces towards filling out the gaps in marine biodiversity, and making necessary steps toward ocean sustainability.”


Josipa Bilic Zimmermann,

EMBL, Germany


Amandine Nunes Jorge

EMBL, Germany