A European, multidisciplinary project exploring marine life and how it changes with space, time and human impact​
Image credit: Karim Iliya / Kogia

There’s still much we don’t know about marine biodiversity, despite its fundamental importance in planetary and human health.

BIOcean5D seeks to explore marine life and how it changes across 5 dimensions: 3-dimensional space, time, and human impact.

Central to achieving our goals is a one-of-a-kind set of samples and data, collected from across Europe’s coastline and land-sea interface.

Over 4 years, we will use this data to explore marine biodiversity holistically and to develop novel tools and methods to monitor and understand its functions and its economic and legal value.

Ultimately, we hope that by measuring, monitoring and understanding marine biodiversity, and involving citizens in our research, we’ll be able to inform the sustainable management and long-term preservation of our marine ecosystems.

Credit: Kogia / Karim Iliya
Credit: Kogia / Karim Iliya
Sampling at the land-sea interface in Bilbao, as part of the TREC expedition. Credit: Emily Farthing
Credit: Emily Farthing
Analysing freshly collected samples under the microscope. Credit: Emily Farthing
Credit: Emily Farthing
BIOcean5D teacher workshop. Credit: Stuart Ingham/EMBL
Credit: Stuart Ingham/EMBL






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Building a community of seatizens

In December, we began a series of workshops to equip citizen scientists with the PlanktoScope – and with it, an efficient way to monitor the ocean’s microscopic inhabitants across exceptional ecological scales.

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Our funding

BIOcean5D has received more than €17m in total from the European Commission under grant agreement 101059915, from the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation under contract #22.00255 for Swiss partners, and from the UK government Horizon Europe Guarantee, UKRI Grant Reference Number 10039266 for UK partners. 

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